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Ballotins are one of the most traditional ways of packing chocolate. The Chocolagiftbox collection includes a wide range of ballotins. Chocolagiftbox has compiled this collection with great care: trendy colours and prints for every season, which combine well with other packages from the collection. The outsides have all-over embossing and a matt or glossy laminate finish. The insides are lined with a gold or silver metallic foil and therefore greaseproof.

Naturally, all ballotins comply with current packaging requirements and are completely food safe. The ballotins are available in the following sizes: 2 chocolates, 150, 250, 375 and 500 grams. The collection also includes 750 and 1,000 gram ballotins of course, but these sizes are only available in certain colours. All ballotins can be ordered directly from the web store, with a minimum quantity of 50 of each size and colour.

As well as a wide range of colours, ballotins are also available from Chocolagiftbox in several different designs. The standard ballotin with straight flaps, and two conical designs with an insert flap at the top. All colours and prints in the collection have been carefully coordinated, enabling you to combine various designs and ballotin sizes beautifully.

Chocolagiftbox ballotins are the perfect way of attractively packing the products you have produced with such care. Besides our standard range, Chocolagiftbox can also produce bespoke ballotins. If you are looking for a customised size of ballotin or for your own name or logo to be printed on the ballotins, then look no further, Chocolagiftbox is the partner for you.

Our years of experience and knowledge of packaging will enable us to meet your packaging requirements perfectly. So if you have any special wishes or ideas for your own line of ballotins, do please contact us and tell us all about them. We will gladly tell you about the numerous possibilities of creating a beautiful ballotin to suit your requirements and would be happy to apply our experience and expertise on your behalf.