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Transparent chocolate packaging
Are you looking to pack your products attractively in crystal clear transparent packaging? At Chocolagiftbox we have an extensive collection that would be just perfect. Cubes, rectangular boxes, flat chocolate boxes; we can offer you a wide range of excellent quality transparent packaging.

The transparent cubes are supplied flat packed, the rectangular and flat boxes are ready to use. To enhance the appearance of the transparent packages and your chocolates or other confectionery further still, you have the choice of attractively printed stands, base cards and labels.

All printed surfaces have a matt or glossy laminate finish and some items have all-over embossing. The prints on the stands, base cards and lids correspond with the various seasons and special occasions throughout the year. This allows you to offer your customers perfectly packed products all year round. We know how important attractive packaging is to successful sales.

Our complete collection of transparent packages is available from our web store. The exact dimensions are specified for each box, allowing you to decide which would best suit your products.

In addition to this standard collection of transparent packaging products it is, of course, also possible to order bespoke packaging. The dimensions, construction and printing will be made to your specifications, creating the perfect packaging for your product.

If you already have an idea or would like to know more about the packaging options for your product, do send us your requirements and/or questions. We would be happy to draw up a proposal for you, free of any obligation.

Our many years of experience in the field of confectionery packaging makes us the ideal partner to help you execute your customised project. We would be only too happy to work on your project with you. So please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the possibilities of creating your own packaging. We look forward to hearing from you.