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Privacy policy

The 'you' form of address used below shall mean the user/buyer/principal.
The Chocolagiftbox B.V. privacy policy set out below explains how your personal and corporate details are collected, used and shared. This relates to the website or websites operated by Chocolagiftbox B.V. such as and complies with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act [Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens].


When you use the Chocolagiftbox B.V. website, you automatically authorise Chocolagiftbox B.V. to collect and process the following data, if and insofar as this is considered necessary:
- from all visitors, buyers and bidders using its website, Chocolagiftbox B.V. collects and processes standard data such as internet use, pageview statistics and data traffic to and from its website. This also applies to data provided regarding IP addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and any other address details entered.
- from advertisers, Chocolagiftbox B.V. collects the IP address, email address at the time the advertiser actively uses Chocolagiftbox B.V. and, if provided, the advertiser's name, address, telephone number and details of the advertisement. In relation to any payments by the advertiser, this will also concern bank and credit card details, including account numbers. Please note: This financial information is used solely by us and any third parties directly involved such as a collection agency and/or legal representative.
- from verified sellers, we collect/store the name and address, (international if applicable) and, solely for verification purposes, a copy of a passport, driver's licence or ID together with a copy of a recent bank or giro statement.
- from forum participants, Chocolagiftbox B.V. shall also be authorised to collect and process IP addresses as well as any information they post in the forum.
- from competition entrants and participants in promotional campaigns, Chocolagiftbox B.V. collects name, address, email address as well as their entry.
- from all people who submit a message to the help desk, Chocolagiftbox B.V. collects and processes the IP address, name, email address, PC operating information and the question or comment.
- in response to notifications, Chocolagiftbox B.V. may process information, including personal data, relating to specific disputes between advertisers and users/visitors, by storing these data in a database owned by Chocolagiftbox B.V., for example. The information processed in this context is not established on the basis of Chocolagiftbox B.V.'s own research; it is derived from the information provided by website users submitting notifications to Chocolagiftbox B.V..
- Chocolagiftbox B.V. may process information, including personal data, derived from these notifications, in relation to (suspected) breaches of intellectual property rights and/or other unlawful acts.

Cookies, web beacons

1. Cookies are small files placed on the hard disk of your computer.
There are various kinds of cookies (session cookies and permanent cookies, including cookies based on Flash technology). Session cookies are deleted as soon as you close your web browser. Permanent cookies remain on your computer, even after you have closed your web browser. Cookies will not damage your computer or computer files.
2. Web beacons are electronic image placed in the web page code.
Chocolagiftbox B.V. and/or its service providers may use cookies or web beacons in some of their web pages. Chocolagiftbox B.V. may use session cookies to make it easier to navigate the website and permanent cookies to save certain user settings, optimising your use of the website. Chocolagiftbox B.V. may use permanent cookies to post more targeted information on the website and to collect customer information for targeted communication, for instance. Examples include providing service information on its products and services and targeted marketing in relation to its products and services, as well as targeted marketing on behalf of its group companies and (with your consent) carefully selected third parties. Chocolagiftbox B.V.may also use permanent cookies to promote confidence in and the safety of its website.
The targeted use of cookies can help Chocolagiftbox B.V. analyse the use of its website and enable Chocolagiftbox B.V. to offer its customers targeted service, contents and advertising. The use of cookies also enables Chocolagiftbox B.V. to monitor the promotional effectiveness and promote the confidence and security of our website.

For your information:

- certain functionalities provided or to be provided are only available in combination with the use of cookies;
Chocolagiftbox B.V. may use cookies to help identify you and maintain your logged in status;
- You are free to disable cookies insofar as your browser allows such. This may impede the use of some of Chocolagiftbox B.V.'s websites or services, however. Please consult the help function of your browser and the Flash settings.
Chocolagiftbox B.V. may work with service providers that will place cookies or web beacons on your computer to collect anonymous information on how you use the Chocolagiftbox B.V. website. The information acquired in this way enables them to help Chocolagiftbox B.V. generate targeted advertisements. It is not the intention that these companies collect any personal data about you using such technology.


The data is collected by Chocolagiftbox B.V. for our own use only and, to a limited degree, for third parties. Purposes include:
- the delivery our services, including the provision of an online trading platform at and other supporting promotional activities.
- the promotion of secure trade via Chocolagiftbox B.V., the detection of or response to tips and/or reports in relation to unlawful acts via its website;
- answering users' questions;
- the registration/identification of notifications pertaining to any disputes and (suspected) breaches of intellectual property rights;
- the disclosure of (personal) data to specific third parties such as rights holders, supervisors, Tax Authorities, the Courts, Police and other investigation authorities, if and insofar as Chocolagiftbox B.V. is required to do so by a rule or law or sees reason for such on the grounds of this privacy policy;
This may similarly apply in civil-law contexts to determine the truth in any dispute in which Chocolagiftbox B.V. is or may become legally involved either directly or indirectly.
- the enforcement of compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use and/or policy regulations of Chocolagiftbox B.V.;
- the collection of fees;
- In the event of a single direct debit, Chocolagiftbox B.V. will store your bank account number and address details to ensure you need only enter them once and with a view to aiding fraud prevention. In the event of a payment made other than by direct debit, no credit card numbers or bank account numbers will be stored but, for the same purposes, the credit card type and the bank used will;
- Monitoring interest in the services of Chocolagiftbox B.V. and to improve the user friendliness of the website;
- Informing users about services and updates;
- Provided you have consented to such, to send advertisements from parties that have been carefully selected by Chocolagiftbox B.V., including but not limited to targeted offers from such third parties based on your use of Chocolagiftbox B.V. services or any preferences you may have entered;
- Any other purposes specifically explained when the information is collected.


You may only use any personal information of another user that you have collected on the Chocolagiftbox B.V. website to respond to a particular post by the said other person and not to send spam or for the collection and further processing of personal data without the express prior consent of the said other person.
In its efforts to combat spam, Chocolagiftbox B.V. may automatically block any messages sent via its website.


You may view, edit or delete your personal data stored on Chocolagiftbox B.V.'s website or request Chocolagiftbox B.V. to edit or delete your personal data. Chocolagiftbox B.V. shall be entitled to charge you for any actions to be taken to this end on your behalf. Chocolagiftbox B.V. may refuse to view, edit or delete data should it suspect that this may in any way conflict with the "Personal Data Protection Act" or be contrary to any legitimate request by the government.
Chocolagiftbox B.V. shall not store personal data any longer than legally permitted and shall delete personal data no longer required for the purposes set out above.


Chocolagiftbox B.V. makes every effort to protect your personal data as effectively as possible, taking various appropriate technical and organisational measures (such as coding, passwords and physical protection), with the aim of preventing loss or any form of unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure or other unlawful processing.


Chocolagiftbox B.V. shall be entitled to modify this policy at any time. The modifications will take immediate effect. Chocolagiftbox B.V. advises you to read this Privacy Policy periodically. Please submit any questions to

This Privacy Policy was drawn up by De Incassokamer B.V. and came into effect on 21-10-2011.
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